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Prop Thtr gives up its longtime Avondale home

Prop Thtr will probably never produce Stephen Sondheim’s Follies. Yet somehow, the news earlier this month that they will be moving out of their longtime two-venue space in Avondale by October made me envision Carlotta the aging showgirl, crooning “good times and bum times, I’ve seen them all. And, my dear, I’m still here.”

Where “here” will be next for Prop is an open question. But a company that began its life producing in a former strip club (with the pole still onstage) on February 13, 1981—Friday the 13th, no less—knows some things about surviving and adapting to circumstances. 

Prop—one of the oldest non-Equity theaters in Chicago—has occupied many addresses over the years...

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Bronzeville Children’s Museum ahead of the COVID-19 curve

This year brought a resurgence of putting Black pride onstage and a national recognition of Juneteenth—and it was also the first in many years that the Bronzeville Children’s Museum did not have its annual celebration.

The museum typically also celebrates Black History Month in February and Kwanzaa in December, complete with a “Kwanzaa king”—a man in regal garb who greets and takes pictures with children to get them excited about the holiday.

“For 22 years, we have been doing Juneteenth because of the importance of it,” says Peggy Montes, who founded the museum with her daughter, Pia. “Very few of the states in the midwest, very few of the states east of the Mississippi ever celebrated Juneteenth...

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Lightfoot hijacks Lollapalooza


  • Photo illustration by Rachel Hawley

The first and with any luck only virtual Lollapalooza is under way. From Thursday through Sunday, the festival’s YouTube channel is presenting a mix of streaming sets and rebroadcasts of performances from Lollas past. But as with most things in 2020, it’s not without controversy.

When Lollapalooza’s lineup was announced on Monday, July 27, the involvement of Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events caught more than a few people’s eyes. The mayor will make appearances throughout the weekend, including to chat with Perry Farrell and LL Cool J, and DCASE has booked several sets by local artists recorded at Chicago music venues...

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Sui generis trio Bloodmist get bleak on their second album

Given the diverse CVs of Bloodmist’s members, the trio’s music could be many things. Clarinetist and synthesizer player Jeremiah Cymerman has made solo recordings that bridge free improvisation and electronic sound design; synth alchemist and drum programmer Mario Diaz de Leon composes unabashedly dramatic acoustic chamber pieces and electronic metal; and bass guitarist Toby Driver leads ever-evolving goth-prog combo Kayo Dot. But if you had to put your money on just one descriptor, you’d win big if you picked the word “dark.” The array of enormous sounds and hackle-raising textures on Phos combines the spontaneity of improvisation with the full potential of digital postproduction...

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State rep. Delia Ramirez discusses the uphill battle to bring housing justice to Illinois

click to enlarge Illinois state rep. Delia Ramirez stands in front of a Puerto Rican flag in Humboldt Park. - AZADEH KHASTOO

  • Illinois state rep. Delia Ramirez stands in front of a Puerto Rican flag in Humboldt Park.
  • Azadeh Khastoo

Freshman state rep Delia Ramirez (D-Chicago) from the 4th District says that it isn’t uncommon for people to forget that there are elected officials in Springfield making decisions that impact our daily lives in Chicago. “I believe there’s a reason for that,” Ramirez, whose district covers parts of Bucktown, Hermosa, Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Ukrainian Village, and Wicker Park, tells me over Zoom in late July. “If you don’t know what your state rep does, you make it easy for them not to do their job and continue to get reelected.”

In recent months, Ramirez and her work have not gone unnoticed...

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شیکاگو رپرهای SD و برایان نقاشی با آبرنگ روی گچ ترکیب خود را سبک متمایز برای whimsically شاد Muddbruddas

من خدا را شکر برای اولین بار در تمام طول همکاری بین شیکاگو رپرهای SD و برایان نقاشی با آبرنگ روی گچجدید Muddbruddas (امپراتوری). آن صرف وجود یک توپ مخرب برای خسته کلیشه که محلی صحنه است تقسیم به دو اردوگاه “مته” و “جایگزین هیپ-هاپ” که از یکدیگر جدا شده صدا و نفوذ است. زمانی که Chief Keef لگد کردن مته بوم در سال 2012, SD, بخشی از خدمه در اطراف Keef برچسب و جمعی شکوه Boyz سرگرمی. در ضمن نقاشی با آبرنگ روی گچ در صحنه وارد شدند و با صرفه جویی در هزینه و جمعی ساخته شده است که بین المللی عناوین در سال 2013 زمانی که اعضای Vic Mensa و Chance the Rapper شد متقاطع phenoms...

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کد پستی با خانه های پرستاری و قهوه ای و سیاه و سفید جمعیت شده اند سخت ترین ضربه COVID-19

این محله از جنوب لاون نام روستای کوچک به اخیر نیروگاه دودکش فاجعه می تواند اضافه کردن یک جایزه به آن ویترین از آن استفاده شد: 149 ساکنان در 60623 فوت کرده اند به دلیل COVID بیشتر مرگ و میر بیش از دیگر ایلینوی کد پستی است.

هیچ COVID مرگ و میر گزارش شده در ساحل شمال محاصره Glencoe که در ميانه صفحه اصلی قیمت دلار است 885,000 و متوسط درآمد $162,460. و در Streeterville حلقه و دانشگاه ایجاد کرد فقط یک تا چهار نفر کشته شده اند از COVID. در واقع ایلینوی وزارت بهداشت گزارش هیچ COVID مرگ و میر برای 1,732 ایلینوی کد پستی. صد و هشتاد و سه کد پستی تنها یک به چهار مرگ و میر ناشی از COVID...

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زیبا ترین چیزی که reunites اول همه سیاه, دبیرستان, قایقرانی, تیم

در سال 1997 در سمت غرب شیکاگو یک گروه از پسران از مانلی دبیرستان که تصمیم گیری خواهد برای همیشه لطفا برای شکل دادن آینده خود را. اگر چه آنها در حال حاضر در معرض خطر زندگی خود را فقط در راه رفتن به مدرسه آنها در زمان های مختلف نوع خطر و همچنین: در یک قایق. این مستند زیبا ترین چیز reunites اول همه سیاه دبیرستان تیم قایقرانی در ملت و جوانان در حال حاضر مردان هل دادن 40 که تاریخ ساخته شده توسط پیشگامان و کسانی که در حال حاضر می خواهم یکی دیگر از شات در رقابت...

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از گلخانه به سر چشمه

آخر هفته گذشته جودی و لیزا—Once in a Lifetime: The London پالادیوم کنسرت—ادای احترام شد اولین داخل سالن تولید تئاتر در شیکاگو برای باز کردن در فاز چهار (و یا بازگشایی دقیق تر پس از آن در اصل فرار برای یک آخر هفته در ماه مارس قبل از COVID-19 shutdown). که آزمایش در آوردن زندگی می کنند داخل سالن تئاتر معکوس در نور گسترده انتقاد در رسانه های اجتماعی حتی قبل از اولین عملکرد از جمله های عمومی بسیار استعفای از گلخانه تئاتر مرکز مدیر کل درک Rienzi ون Tassel در جولای 18.

نشان می دهد ...

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Want live music back? Wear a mask and call Congress.


  • Illustration by Rachel Hawley

Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker responded to COVID-19 swiftly by imposing a statewide shelter-in-place order on Saturday, March 21. But even at that point, Chicago music venues had already been dealing with the onrushing pandemic for more than a week. Venues began to cancel shows en masse on Thursday, March 12—the same night Goose Island sponsored citywide concerts (some of which went on as planned) as part of 312 Day. In short order, the torrent of tour cancellations and refund requests turned the live-music industry upside down. That Friday, the Hideout became one of the first venues—if not the first—to shut down in response to the virus.

“March 12 was one of the craziest days of my life, in my ten-year career of booking shows,” says Empty Bo...

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